November 2008

“Little drops of water, little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.
Little deeds of kindness, little words of love,
Help to make earth happy like the heaven above.”
– Julia A. F. Carney, Little Things

Acts of Kindness in Dominica

It is dark and I am hoping to catch a ride from Portsmouth to Massacre quickly. I hear but cannot see a vehicle coming and I realize it is a motorcycle with the light off. The guy is scratched up and dirt and blood are still on his shirt and he is cussing!

Next a really cool sports car pulls up and an acquaintance offers me a ride. As we started to drive he said “I am in a hurry, I hope you don’t mind a fast ride.” (Only in Dominica do people who are giving you a ride ask your permission to travel fast!)

 No matter my age; I was really looking forward to a fast ride home in the sportiest car I had ridden in a while. I could already feel the car hugging those curves and the breezes flowing in the window!

Within a mile or so, we saw the motorcycle with the missing light. We overtook him quickly but as we pulled out to pass him, he pulled into the middle of the road to prevent us getting by. The driver of the car I was in made 2 or 3 attempts to pass and each time the motorcyclist prevented him.

After a bit the driver of the car started to wonder aloud what was happening. I told him that I had observed earlier the motorcyclist had no light.  We came up to a transport trailer truck and the motorcyclist passed; my driver friend said “watch this”. Boom we passed the transport and started to pass the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist started to vigorously wave his hand at us to stop. The driver of the sports car stopped and the cyclist came up beside us to say: “I just had an accident and my headlight is broken; I have to get to Grand Bay and I need to use your lights.” (Only in Dominica would the driver of a car in a hurry to get to his destination stop for a crashed up motorcyclist with blood on his shirt!)

My driver agreed to help and proceeded to drive at a snail’s pace behind the motorcycle until it got to Salisbury and turned off to get a flashlight from a friend. – only in Dominica!

Acts of Kindness Links

Studies on love and kindness get better with age

RESPECT to all those who volunteered on community day of service. What an amazing way to contribute to your health and the community while working towards creating the kind, helpful society we all want; one act of kindness at a time.

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SHAPE  AGM – Thursday, December 4, 5 pm, Alliance Francais, participate and build heritage.

Lionheart Sister – Saturday, December 6, 8:00 pm, Arawack House of Culture, A play about Mary Seacole, the Caribbean’s Florence Nightingale; and her travels all over the world; fund raiser for Nurses Federation.

The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk therapy and antidepressants aren’t enough.” ~Amy Weintraub


What is Yoga?
After 15 years of teaching yoga and almost 40 years of practicing yoga I have come to the conclusion that yoga has a different meaning for different people.


Now that yoga is so popular there is a plethora of styles of yoga and this expands the meaning of yoga even more. Over the next months we will explore different styles of yoga and different concepts of yoga. 


RESPECT to Martha Cuffy: Way back when I still taught classes at the Dominica Legion Hall Martha came to my class and we had a chance to talk. She was off to India for a 2 year MA  in Yoga Psychology;  then had plans to spend more time in Dominica. I had the privilege of being on her mailing list over the next few years as she sent out emails keeping her friends informed as her training progressed. Martha has manifested her goals and is now here on island. She has already opened many peoples minds here to the psychology of yoga ………… nuff respect.



Yoga Links

YogaJournal.comMy favourite yoga magazine for over 20 years. At Rainbow Yoga Studio; each issue is read from cover to cover by many people many times. Great web site with poses and information galore and they offer a email newsletter of yoga.


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SHAPE  AGM Thursday, December 4, 5 pm, Alliance Francais, participate and build heritage.


Lionheart Sister – Saturday, December 6, 8:00 pm, Arawack House of Culture, A play about Mary Seacole, the Caribbean’s Florence Nightingale; and her travels all over the world; fund raiser for Nurses Federation.


Please join in the public consultation sessions reguarding the finalized adoption of the DOAM Organic Standards. There will be 4 sessions: Springfield Guest House; Saturday, December 6th, 3 pm; Laplain Agricultural Training School: Wednesday, December 10th, 9 am; Portsmouth Cruise Ship Berth: Thursday, December 11, 9 am; Roseau Prevo Cinemall: Tuesday, December 16, 9 am

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  ” ~ Margret Mead

Cleaning with Natural Products

Cleanliness is an important component of a healthy home; cleaning with natural cleaning products is the best way to clean.

 Scientific research has for years produced evidence that many ingredients in personal and home care products can pose serious long term health risks such as cancers, skin disorders, allergies and asthma.

Not only do a lot of the cleaning agents we use hurt our health they hurt the earth.

RESPECT to those who refuse to dump more chemicals into our drains and therefore our environment by using eco friendly cleaning products.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ~ W. B. Yeats

RESPECT to Tina and Cecile of IRIE ECO Summer Programme for their untiring dedication to exposing young children to the natural wonders of Dominica and the exhilarating joy of being in nature. Children who have attended their programmes over the years have been exposed to healthy eating, environmental awareness and the nature of Dominica through arts, crafts and many outings into nature….nuff respect; these children are the future caregivers of the earth/Dominica!

Children and Nature

There are many benefits for children who get a chance to be in nature. Experts in environmental education recommend the study of nature as the first step in a holistic ecological education. Taking children into nature strengthens the body; lessens depression; releases stress; helps children with ADHD to focus; improves lung capacity for asthmatics and enhances scholastic abilities

Children’s love of nature can be nurtured through arts and crafts; math activities; science experiments; health; and environmental activities; nature art; and immersion i

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n the natural environments around them.

Children and Nature Links

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Children and Nature Programmes
IRIE ECO Summer Programme – healthy, environmentally aware nature programmes for children.

 “The human body is a complex organism with the ability in most cases to heal itself – if only you listen to it and respond with proper nourishment and care.” ~ Introduction; Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James and Phyllis Balch.


Cacao – Super Food, Super Nutrition  

by Trudy Scott Prevost


Cacao (Theobroma cacao). The botanical name for chocolate means “Food of the Gods” and after studying the nutritional and health benefits I can see modern research has supported this concept that chocolate is a super food.


Cacao Links

Organic Chocolate Producer and Chocolatier; St. Lucia

 Grenada Chocolate Company


“No illness which can be treated by diet should be treated by any other means.” – Moses Maimonides, 12th century:




Healthy Lifestyle as a Treatment
At a recent Health Summit in June 2008 Dr. Dean Ornish, who has been an inspiration to me for over 20 years, spoke to the US Senate Finance Committee. The opening sentences in his statement are thought provoking.

RESPECT to Nurse Prevost; a long time promoter of healthy lifestyles in Dominica. She gets right out on the street providing Healthy Lifestyle Consulting Services to Dominicans as they go about their daily business. The success of her corporate wellness program is visible in the statistics she has kept. For example; at DOMLEC; where she sees over 150 clients or nearly 88% of the staff; there has been a 50% reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels over the 5 years she has been providing her services. The mission of her organization is ‘The Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles & Total Wellness’…..nuff respect Nurse Prevost.

Healthy Lifestyle L inks

Prevention Magazine
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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Healthy Lifestyle Consultants
Priscilla Prevost RN; FNP
Healthy Lifestyles and Corporate Wellness Services
Trained nurse available for consultations, screening, intervention programs and support services.
449-6846 245-6373; 614-5185

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Greetings and welcome to the first posting of our newsletter blog. Our goal is to connect and support; creating an on line community of people interested in Natural Living in Dominica.

Health and happiness to all.

In gratitude;

Trudy Scott Prevost

Most important of all we would love to hear your comments; your feedback; your suggestions; please write.

“Stay away from fertilizers.”
– Augusta Darroux – when asked “how others might live as long”; a Dominican Centenarian; 101 at the time, Times Newspaper; Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What if Dominica was an organic island?
By Trudy Scott Prevost
In August 2002, FAO and the World Bank proposed and set in motion an international assessment of the role of agricultural science and technology. The authors’ brief was to examine hunger, poverty, the environment and equity together. The assessment report was considered by 64 governments in April 2008. A global press release called Agriculture – The Need for Change followed.

It took over 400 consultants but finally we have a new mandate on the best way to go forward: small organic farms!

Reading this assessment got me to thinking; what if Dominica got on the bandwagon quickly and declared the entire island organic?

Just think of the economical, environmental and social benefits that would ensue…………….

(full article)

RESPECT to Dominica Organic Agriculture Movement and USAID for developing and implementing ORGANICS TRAINING in 4 different locations around the island; Roseau, Portsmouth, Springfield, La Plain. Contact 440-5750……. nuff respect!

Internet Resources
OISAT. Online Information Service for Non-Chemical Pest Management in the Tropics. Lots of free info.

POP Awareness Training Module free online. Read learn and test your POP knowledge. This online training module was developed by SGP in collaboration with the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN), with a purpose of building awareness about the Stockholm Convention on POPs, its legal and institutional arrangements and good cases or examples of community-based POPs management. thanks to Panman for this link.

Caribbean Bee Keeping Congress November 9 to 14; 2008. Promoting organic bee keeping in Guyana and the Caribbean.


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Featured Listing
Organic Farms and Gardens
Roots Farm organic produce grown in Dominica

Non Profit Organizations
DOAM – Dominica Organic Agriculture Movement. All those interested in organic agriculture invited to attend the next meeting of the Dominica Organic Agriculture Movement – DOAM. Contact: Vanessa Prevost 440-5750 for more information.

We would like to build an online Natural Living in Dominica Resource Directory. Submit your organic farm or garden; product or non profit organization.

I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” Albert Einstein.

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