May 2009

“The school is a micro-organism of society; the students manifest at school behaviours and attitudes they notice at home, in the public and elsewhere. The society must ensure that we practice the things that we preach              ~ Alicia Jean-Jacques; Principal Dominica Grammar School; The Chronicle; Friday, March 20, 2009

RESPECT to Children’s Christian Fund (CCF) – I have observed this organization for over 10 years contribute to the children of this island through seemingly small but extremely effective methods such as training programs for teachers and parents; lunches programs and support for preschools……. Nuff respect


Non Violent Behaviour Management

Dominica is one of the most kind and gentle societies I have ever been in. To ensure we keep it this way we need to provide resources for teachers and parents as well as children that reinforce the concept of love your fellow man.

 Parenting programmes are an excellent way to learn these skills.

 When my children were young I attended a semester programme in the evenings through my school. I used the knowledge from that programme over and over again over the years both as a teacher and as a parent. One of the best techniques I have found to reinforce appropriate behaviour is to recognize it; nothing brought my Grade K classroom in line as quickly as ‘I LIKE how _______ is working quietly’ or ‘’I like how _______ is seated quietly ready to go.’

 Congratulations to all those in Dominica providing resources for parents and teachers wishing to educate themselves on ways to improve their conflict resolution skills.

Non Violent Behaviour Management Online

Gentle Christian Mothers – Gentle Christian Mothers™ (GCM) was born out a desire to help unite mothers who believe that God has given mamas a mothering instinct and whose hearts’ desire is to nurture our children gently.

Conflict Resolution with Young Children – great classroom technique

 We have to remember to praise good behaviour – National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; Your Family Magazine

 Disciplining Techniques – Dr. Phil’s Advice

 Restorative Justice Models – Canadian Examples of Community Justice

 Conflict Resolution Education Around the World – see how it works around the world!

 Mediating a Better Solution – High School Student Peer Mediation


Brainstorm Children’s Wellness Centre; register now for Sept 2009 programmes: Brain Gym – improve memory and increase attention span; Mommy and me – interact with and stimulate your little one; Exceptional Kids – For Special Needs Children to Improve overall functioning!  We also provide consultation, resource development & staff training workshops to organizations, schools, government departments etc. covering: Understanding Behaviour; Maximizing Learning Potential; Working with Children with Exceptional (Special) Needs; Antisocial Behaviour; Special Needs curriculum development; Stress Management & Much More!

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

RESPECT to Andrew Royer. I dedicate this listing in memory of Mr. Andrew Royer, well known throughout the Caribbean for his promotion of organic agriculture and sustainable living as well as the small farmer. In 1981 he  was awarded a silver medal by the FAO for his work in food production. He was also awarded honorary member ship by Trinidad and Tobago Organic Agriculture Movement. His model farm was a training center to people from all over the world and one of the few places in Dominica where you could see biogas production in operation in the 1990’s. Mr. Royer is to be remembered in perpetuity for his tireless efforts in promoting organic agriculture and eco living in Dominica. ………. nuff respect.

What if Dominica was an Organic Island? – We would be the undisputed Eco Destination of the Caribbean

We would be the first organic country in the world and undisputed eco destination of the Caribbean. Other countries in the Caribbean are talking about it; but we would be at the forefront of the green revolution in tourism and agriculture in the West Indies.

 Those interested in agro tourism or culinary tourism would be intrigued; those who are keen on geo tourism or nature tourism would be assured of pristine environments and those seeking an eco holiday or healthy holiday would be very attracted to an island proclaiming organic.
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 Organic Farming on the Internet 

 Obama family will plant an organic garden! Wow gardening with the president; organically! Amazing!