June 2009

“The best disease and insect control is to grow crops in a healthy environment.” ~ Masanobu Fukuoka; The One Straw Revolution; A Way of Farming and A Way of Life



What if Dominica was an Organic Island? – Our ecosystems would be preserved. 

Organic farming practices result in a benefit to the environment by reducing pollution and conserving energy, water and soil. Research comparing organic and conventional farming systems shows organic farming comes out ahead on every environmental measure……


Organic agriculture respects the balance demanded of a healthy ecosystem therefore: soil is nourished; beneficial wildlife is encouraged; wetlands and other natural areas are retained.


Farming land organically increases the quality and depth of the soil; ensuring the sustainability of farming for generations to come. Synthetic fertilizers may create rapid growth, but they don’t replenish the soil nearly as much as organic fertilizers do


Studies show the decline of reptiles; amphibians; bees and birds can be directly linked to agricultural chemicals. Where will our farmers be with out bees to fertilize our plants; birds to distribute seed; reptiles to maintain eco systems in balance?


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 Organic Farming Links

Adverse health effects caused by pesticides; Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Roundup kills human cells; Environmental Health News

Pesticides: Health effects in drinking water; Cornell University


Organic Gardens are one of the unique healing aspects of this island. Different areas grow different things so each garden is special in it’s own way.

Featured listing:

Papillote Wilderness Retreat Gardens  – I love to visit Papillote; one of the first retreat centers to develop the healing spa qualities of their property.  These exotic and organic gardens are so intensely beautiful that I can take hours to tour a relatively small area. I love to stop and meditate on the blooms or the subtle scent of the leaves or flowers and breathe deeply of the super oxygenated air. I practice yoga on a circular platform with the rainforest canopy as the roof overhead; the sounds of water as the music in my ears. I bathe in the cool waters of the river; I let the waterfall massage my back; I soak in sensouously hot pools –  dipping into all 4 pools if I can. A healthy meal at the restaurant is always an option – I get the vegetarian plate. It includes beans, ground provisions and fresh vegetables of the season. …..Life is nice Living Natural in Dominica!

 Non Profit Organizations:

DOAM: Dominica Organic Agriculture Movement. This organization is always moving forward. Soon they will have their own office in Roseau. If you believe in organic agriculture – JOIN DOAM!

“Used in yards, farms and parks throughout the world, Roundup has long been a top-selling weed killer. But now researchers have found that one of Roundup’s inert ingredients can kill human cells, particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells,”

We were pouring over 3000 litres of this stuff on our land in 1997; imagine how much has entered our environment since then!


Three Zicam Intranasal Zinc Products

There may be an association between the use of stimulant medications and sudden death in healthy children.