September 2010

“The health care company Abbott says about 5 million containers of its Similac-brand powdered infant formulas—which includes Isomil and Go & Grow—are being recalled because of possible contamination with insect pieces or larvae.” ~ FDA

This formula is selling in the US AND the Caribbean!

” Insect pieces in the formula could irritate the gastrointestinal tract, causing babies to have an upset stomach or refuse food, FDA experts say. Parents should consult a doctor if symptoms persist for more than a few days.

FDA is encouraging consumers to check lot numbers on the bottom of formula containers against those being recalled. Anyone who has a recalled container should stop using it immediately and return it to the manufacturer for a full refund. ”

Check here for Lot #’s recalled – 38 pages of them!

The next message you need is always right where you are.
~ Ram Dass

About a week ago I started to realize I had a chemical taste in the back of my mouth.

The only thing I could think might have caused it was I might have eaten perhaps a food that was laced with agrochemicals.

The taste came and went over the next days and I finally connected it to something!

I remembered that recently I had thought I might have a local skin condition so I purchased a cream made locally that contains sulphur. I used it off and on over the weeks – what I was tasting was the sulphur in the back of my throat. It had travelled through my body in just hours.

Experiment: I stopped using the cream for a few days then used it at 1 oclock in the afternoon; I realized I was strongly tasting the sulphur by the time I reached Portsmouth to teach my class at 4 pm.

That is how quickly what we put on our skin enters our blood stream and circulates through the body enough to come out on the breath!

This got me to remembering a friend of mine who was the guniea pig in an experiment at a Massage School in Toronto They wanted to know how quickly what they put on the skin travelled through the body so they put crushed garlic on her feet; within a very short period of time they were smelling it on her breath; they were shocked at how quickly!

This also got me to thinking of some of the stuff that is in cosmetics ; and how that would be coming out our breath within minutes of applying and entering our brain and other organs!

This experiment inspired me to start making my own cosmetics over 30 years ago.

I am glad I only put ingredients on my and my families skin I can eat! Less chemicals in my body and in the environment around me.

Traditionally Dominicans often made their own skin creams from local herbs; coconut oil; cacao butter and beeswax. 

What you put on your skin ….. goes into your body and comes out on your breath.

“Sale of organic foods is one of the fastest growing market segments within the global food industry” ~

I started this blog with one of my goals being the promoting of Dominica as an organic island. We are far from that; gramaxone dead zones are all over the island; but it does not hurt to dream!

On the positive side there is a new organic certification programme about to be launched. This program is truly amazing in that it is available to all; egalitarian certification is the only way to go.

I will write more later about this system in the weeks to come.

For now I just wanted to link you to the newest study of the higher quality of food that organic agriculture produces.

Fruit and Soil Quality of Organic and Conventional Strawberry Agroecosystems

Sale of organic foods is one of the fastest growing market segments within the global food industry. People often buy organic food because they believe organic farms produce more nutritious and better tasting food from healthier soils. Here we tested if there are significant differences in fruit and soil quality from 13 pairs of commercial organic and conventional strawberry agroecosystems in California.

“You must be the change you want to be in the world” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

A University in Malaysia has found a way to create biodegradeable plastic with agricultural waste! Nuff raspact to a University dedicated to this kind of program!

How wonderful to see the new ideas forth coming from the universities of the world.

I am not sure we need plastic and I would like to see the environmental impacts of making this plastic in large quantities.  Studies would need to be done to see if this plastic leeches into what it contains too. We do not want another BPA disaster.

There is hope for a sustainable ecologically aware future!