“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand … and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late.” ~ Marie Beynon Ray

My life experience has been that most of the people living on this beautiful planet are kind, genrous and loving! Why is such a huge majority of our input about the violent ones? Yes, there are “unbalanced” people out there but they are not the majority! Random Acts of Kindness happen every minute of every day somewhere in the world! My goal is to seek them out wherever I am! After all just knowing about these acts contributes to my health!

I have the privellege of teaching exercise and propmoting wellness at Ross Medical University in Dominica.¬†Acts of Kindness are a integral part of campus life! I could not possibly write all I have observed since I started teaching there over 10 years ago! But as I really get energy from writing about these incidences I will post a few! ūüôā

Acts of Kindness through students, partners of students and staff from Ross Medical School University, Dominica are encouraged, assisted and promoted by the school.

Every year Campus Life holds an Art Show. This show connects our local artists with students and the Portsmouth community. It is so beautiful to walk through room after room of art! Everyone benefits and a percentage of funds raised are contributed to non-profits, often $1,000s of dollars!

One year the Physicians for Human Rights group held a benefit and raised $2,600 EC to help a 72 yr. old homeless amputee, find a home at the Grange Home for the Aged. A PHR volunteer put together a video to help the fundraiser and it was a GREAT success!

PAWS is a group formed many years ago when stray dogs were becoming a problem near campus. PAWS raised funds to have these dogs neutered and then found them homes. Ross University contributed a place where the operations could be done and the animals could recover. Now many years after the project started success is visible Рno  sad looking emaciated dogs around the campus!

School supplies are gathered at the end of each semester to distribute to local schools and non profit organizations; this has expanded to the point where often 2 or 3 groups are gathering and distributing resources!

Campus Life often starts each semester out with a Sports Day. they work in cooperation with local schools and volunteer Ross Medical Students meet local young sports enthusiasts and spend an afternoon sharing what they know about sports!

Health Clinics with Blood Pressure and other tests available as well as educational components on staying healthy are held throughout the year!

Individuals also go and do their thing. One¬†professor has dedicated hours a week for years to keeping our roadsides clean and green! A spouse of a student painted the entire west wall of the Women’s Centre in a beautiful wall mural! CALLS Centre can attest to the hundreds of hours the Ross Comunity especially spouses of professors and students volunteer teach!

Local businesses often work hand in hand with the Ross community on their Acts of Kndness!

Happy Holidays to Everyone! It is a wonderful world and there are many wonderful people doing many wonderful things!