It is my deep belief that design is an act of invention. I believe that its real task begins once functional and behavioral needs have been satisfied. It is not hunger, but love and fear, and sometimes wonder, which make us create. Our milieu may change from generation to generation, but the task, I believe, remains the same: to give poetic form to the pragmatic. ~ Emillio Ambasz; Emillio Ambasz Building Consultants and Planners

L'ACROS Fukuoka, côté terrasse
Symphony; Art Gallery; Cultural Information Centre – plus shops, offices and various other facilities.

This building is considered a pioneer in ecological architecture and has become a new landmark of Fukuoka, Japan.

It’s design incorporates a green step garden exterior; their web site claims it stands like a lush green mountain.

This place was built in Japan; designed by an Argentine architect who studied at Princeton; the planners logo is “green over grey”! Their goal ” We at ACROS Fukuoka strive to become an Asian crossroad – a center for cultural exchange crossing over the seas and connecting with the countries of Asia.!

It is likely the best place to breathe deeply in Fukuoka!