RESPECT to all those parents in Dominica that support and assist their children’s schools.  This is a wonderful way to provide a more enhanced educational programme. As teacher I have found that when sought out and welcomed parent volunteers enhanced my programme tremendously. ….. nuff respect


What is active parenting?

“active” – energetically involved in; “parenting” – the act of bringing up children.

Active parents acknowledge that their parenting skills will reflect on life in the future – as children are the future.

An active parent exercises their right to be informed and knowledgeable about the choices they have to make while raising their children.

Active parents realize that their choices may not be another’s; even the closest of friends can disagree on parenting methods.

Active parenting is a choice available equally to men and women.

Parenting is underrated for its effect on the future well being of the world. Studies show direct relationships between informed parents and healthier: pregnancies; births; babies; children ………. future adults.

Active parents need access to information and community resources. We take years of education to get a job but there is almost no training programs available for parents. Programs that offer concrete resources for parents to use in day to day life.

Let’s face it, involved parenting is a very challenging yet rewarding job. Terrible pay, little training, long hours, few breaks, no holidays. Extreme joy, laughter, sense of wonder and fulfillment ensue.

We need many different skills: medicinal, psychiatric, sociology, scholastic, organizational, nutritional, anatomical, and we need to constantly update our skills to keep abreast of the newest studies.

Studies show that one of the most important determining the success a child has in school is the support of the parent.

Million’s of dollars are invested into jails, if those same dollars were invested into supporting parents as they raise their children what could our future be? Imagine …… toy libraries where families can access intelligent toys that stimulate their children’s minds and then return them and get others when the child gets bored; seminars disseminating information in a variety of ways; through classes, workshops; and theatre providing parents with skills for healthy pregnancy; baby care; nutrition; behaviour management; anger management; homework help; assistance with education; tax breaks for each child to assist parents in the tremendous costs of raising a child. What would help you as an active parent?

Investing now in the raising of children today can ensure a safe, healthy society in the future.