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My name is Trudy

I grew up in a loving family in a small town in Ontario, Canada.

The teachings of the Mindful Lifestyle of Yoga was my first exposure to Natural Living.

Another significant contributor to my education on Natural Living was the writings of the Indigenous Peoples of North America.

Back to Eden; Silent Spring; Diet for a Small Planet; Walden; One Straw Revolution were significant books in my first steps to educate myself on natural living.

Where ever I was I never missed a chance to visit historical houses and museums as the First Nations and the Canadian Pioneer had their own Traditional Ways of Living; many of these concepts were being reintroduced by the Back to Nature or Country Living Movements of the time.

I spent a year’s sabbatical studying Herbal Medicine and Vegetarian Cooking in the Caribbean – during that time I fell in love with Conscious Caribbean Lifestyles.

To be able to grow and pick your kitchen scrubbers; your toothbrush; your strainers; your dishes; your laundry soap; your dish soap; your bath scrubs; your candles; your torches; your incense; your medicines; your spices; your cooking oil; your cosmetics;and most of your foods;  was absolutely thrilling to me.

During that sabbatical when I landed on Dominica, my 8th island in my travels I had a dream I would live there the very first night I landed.

I returned to Canada after I visited a few more islands and spent 16 years working in the Health Food Industry.

During those years I learned many other aspects of a natural lifestyle.

How to make my own Natural Cosmetics; Bath Products and Eco Cleaning Supplies.

I completed a 2 year Herbal Medicine Programme  with Thuna’s Herbals established in 1888 in Toronto as well as workshops and lectures on aloe vera; God’s Pharmacy Vitamins; Natural Cosmetics; Healthy Oils.

I have lived in both the country and the city in Canada and Dominica and consider myself to have the richest of lives as far as friends and kind and gentle encounters with people everywhere I have been.

My children were birthed naturally, breast fed and raised with a vegetarian natural foods diet. We used herbal teas instead of aspirin and only utilized antibiotics once or twice in 20 years. My children were not immunized, yet we had excellent health and rarely were sick.

While my children were young I operated a vegetarian day care and an eco cleaning business as well as a mail order health food business.

I taught workshops at a Primary School Level within both the alternative school system and public school system in Canada.

I taught natural living workshops for adults recovering from drug addiction and abuse.

I attended one of the first conferences on Eco Tourism and saw the ties to Natural Living.

The dream to live in Dominica never left me, so I returned with my children to live on this beautiful island in 1996. I am lucky enough ever since to wake up every morning and thank God I am living my dream! Thank you Dominica for all the kindness.

In Dominica I assisted in the writing of tourism and eco tourism standards and facilitated customer service training within the tourism industry. I had the privellege of teaching at Pioneer Preparatory School, a private school, well known for it’s focus on holistic education for 3 years.

I now work as a consultant assisting teachers and home school facilitators to add science experiments, agriculture, art and hands on learning to their programme.

I teach yoga within every area you could think of – tourism; weekly classes; therapeutic; elder care.

I write about yoga, healthy living, heritage foods, local foods and eco living for local papers, magazines such as Yoga for Everyone and Zing – The LIAT Inflight Magazine as well as the Ross University School of Medicine Newsletter.

I love writing about Natural Living therefore this blog.

It can be difficult to find the resources required for natural living in Dominica – therefore I use this blog to share the resources I know of in Dominica that can assist with Natural Living.

I am ever so thank full for my life, my family and my friends.



9 Responses to “About”

  1. marilyn Says:

    I trudi this blog is excellent keep in touch..

    1. trudyprevost Says:

      Thanks; I will keep in touch. I would love to meet when you come down again.

  2. Karen Ross Says:

    Hi Trudy,
    I’ve grown up in Ontario, Canada as well. I got an undergrad in environmental biology from Queen’s and now I’m doing my masters in London, Ontario. I just came across your page this morning and I am surprised we haven’t run into each other at any of these organic conferences in Ontario (…or perhaps we have!). I’m really interested in smallholder sustainable agriculture both here in Canada and also in Dominica. I will be spending my summer in Dominica for my field research, hopefully trying to understand the perceptions of smallholder farmers in terms of their prospects and limitations for re-localizing food systems and increasing sustainable practices. Your work, to me, is so admirable and I hope to be able to meet you. If you have time, could you send me a quick email to kross44@uwo.ca to let me know you have received this message. Perhaps you can help me with some of the questions I have, and in return, perhaps I can help you when I have arrived in Dominica. You’re spreading the message that I hope to spread as well, and I hope both through involvement and my research, I can take action too.

    1. trudyprevost Says:

      Looking forward to reasoning!

  3. Michael Canoy Says:

    Good morning, I’m a systems ecologist and my family has lived and worked in the Caribbean and Latin America for 20 years. One of my sons grew up in the USVI and Bolivia. He graduated from Ross several years ago.He loves Dominica and has urged my wife, Kirsten, and I to move there next. How feasible is it for me to work there? We tend to live native, need no US accommodations. Ciao, Michael

    1. Hi; Sorry to take so long to answer this I was unable to keep up! Have you already answered your questions? If not write back and I will help if I can. I teach yoga at Ross; I love it! Blessings ~ Trudy

  4. Shantal Says:

    So glad to find this blog. Planning to relocate to Dominica from Tennessee in 2-3 years. We spent a month on Montserrat and met many people from Dominica while we were there. We love the eastern Caribbean people and lifestyle. We will be making our first visit in a few months and staying for several weeks to get acquainted with the place, the people and look at some property with land. We would be bringing a few horses with us and I would be seeking employment primarily as a midwife with nursing as a back-up if needed. I have heard that there is much demand for midwives. Is this true?

    1. Hi; email me at rainbowyoga@yahoo.com; love to hear more; will help in any way I can. Blessings Trudy

  5. Rachna Says:


    This is an excellent website and topics you have covered are seldom found on other blogs. I really appreciate your efforts. I work for an online travel company and we offer travel deals to Dominica. I would like to add your site in our blog roll. If you’re interested, please send me an email and I’ll provide you with more details.

    Best Regards

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