“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ~ Billy Joel


RESPECT  to the Dominica Steelpan Association and all the others who tirelessly promote steel pan music in Dominica. I know of many dedicated local teachers who work long hours; often on a volunteer basis. Check Steel Pan on the Net  for their promotion of Steel Band Music all over the world. Listing Steel Pan Bands in Dominica. Linking to Steelpan in Dominica. They send out an interesting email on Steel Pan called “When Steel Talks” this month they highlighted this article “Pan by the Bay – Steelpan in Dominica 2008“……….nuff respect.


Music in Education

Music seems to be one of the gifts we have been given to make our lives happy and fun filled. Music is in every culture and in every person;  we recognize music while in the womb; our bodies seem to intuitively know that music is therapy.


What better ease of the stresses of daily life then a session of playing, listening or dancing to music.


Mankind has played music from prehistoric times; in that incredibly precise and perfect way of nature or life; this music we love to hear and move to helps to improve our brain power.


 Music is an exciting way to raise kids IQ’s.


Music is a great way to help children over come learning challenges.



Music programs in the schools help our kids and communities in real and substantial ways 




Music is an integral part of a holistic education.


 Music and Education Links
 Phil Tulga – This awesome website connects music to reading, mathematics and science.  I visit often go there to hear subtraction or fractions  or listen to the Drum Language of the Congo.


Music Learning Fun – This web site provides fun games involving music and learning.