Eco Technologies

When I visited Canada a year ago I was amazed at the number of ‘solar farms’ that have been established over the last 10 years – I am so glad we are travelling that route too!

The Kalinago Territory will soon be home to a US $400,000 solar-based energy system guided and supported by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and funded by the European Union.

The 125 kilowatt solar farm will also provide electricity to seven public facilities: two health centers, the Kalinago Barana Auté, two resource centers, the Council office and the library besides around 150 homes..

The output is projected to exceed the needs of the area so DOMLEC could purchase extra electricity generated – that is what Canada does – purchases extra energy produced by micro energy producing projects.

My favourite part of this project is the local community will be part of the installation process.

According to Minister responsible for Kalinago Affairs, Casius Darroux: “Fifteen young persons will receive training from this project. Five certified electricians from the Kalinago Territory will be working with the engineer for the installation. After the engineer leaves we will still have people on the ground who will man the project in terms of maintenance,”.

A renewable energy project training local people in the newest technologies – well spent funding in my humble opinion.

not Dominica – soon come :)!

Natural fibers taking over industrial production while healing soil and providing healthy food and sustainable energy through biomass waste!


“You must be the change you want to be in the world” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

A University in Malaysia has found a way to create biodegradeable plastic with agricultural waste! Nuff raspact to a University dedicated to this kind of program!

How wonderful to see the new ideas forth coming from the universities of the world.

I am not sure we need plastic and I would like to see the environmental impacts of making this plastic in large quantities.  Studies would need to be done to see if this plastic leeches into what it contains too. We do not want another BPA disaster.

There is hope for a sustainable ecologically aware future!

These guys want to go around the world !

In a world depending on fossil energies, the Solar Impulse project is a paradox, almost a provocation: it aims to have an airplane take off and fly autonomously, day and night, propelled uniquely by solar energy, right round the world without fuel or pollution.

Solar Impulse

Bertrand: “I have too many tears in my eyes to see the plane! It went so silent, so soft …. I’m overwhelmed.”