FDA is updating clinicians on information that recently has become available about Rotarix, a vaccine used to prevent rotavirus disease. FDA has learned that components of an extraneous virus, PCV1, are present in Rotarix. There is no evidence at this time that this finding poses a safety risk. While the agency is learning more about the situation, FDA is recommending that clinicians and public health professionals in the United States temporarily suspend the use of Rotarix. FDA will keep the public and the clinical community updated as more information becomes available.

To rephrase this they ‘unexpectedly’ (research was by an independent research team not linked to a vaccine company) found a pork virus in a vaccine we give to young infants. hmm

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My children were never vaccinated. I believe this is another medical issue that parents need to have a choice on. My children were rarely sick; often they were the only children not to get the communicable disease going around at the time such as measles even though friends who were vaccinated did!

I worked hard to support their immune system through healthy lifestyles and built immunity through exposure to the flu or measles when young and strong. I am not a doctor and I always promoted choice for all but it worked for my family. My children were so rarely sick I had to give them sick days when they were healthy so they would not want to be sick to stay home!

Now new studies support my choices; each person has to keep up on the latest data and be aware that much of the information on vaccinations we receive are  paid for by the drug companies that produce the vaccines. What is right for one family is not for the other.

Last winter season the Canadian government eased off on the promotion of flu vaccinations due to a study by an Canadian doctor and scientist that concluded that there was a possible link between getting seasonal flu shots and catching swine flu. 

Then European Researchers  announced that preventing small children from being infected by – and developing immune responses to – seasonal flu viruses might make them more vulnerable when a flu pandemic rolls around.

The authors of both studies say that more research needs to be done.


By the way Australia made it through swine flu without vaccines.

I find this interesting.

State and local health departments, in collaboration with CDC, continue to investigate a mumps outbreak that began in New York in June 2009

“The school is a micro-organism of society; the students manifest at school behaviours and attitudes they notice at home, in the public and elsewhere. The society must ensure that we practice the things that we preach              ~ Alicia Jean-Jacques; Principal Dominica Grammar School; The Chronicle; Friday, March 20, 2009

RESPECT to Children’s Christian Fund (CCF) – I have observed this organization for over 10 years contribute to the children of this island through seemingly small but extremely effective methods such as training programs for teachers and parents; lunches programs and support for preschools……. Nuff respect


Non Violent Behaviour Management

Dominica is one of the most kind and gentle societies I have ever been in. To ensure we keep it this way we need to provide resources for teachers and parents as well as children that reinforce the concept of love your fellow man.

 Parenting programmes are an excellent way to learn these skills.

 When my children were young I attended a semester programme in the evenings through my school. I used the knowledge from that programme over and over again over the years both as a teacher and as a parent. One of the best techniques I have found to reinforce appropriate behaviour is to recognize it; nothing brought my Grade K classroom in line as quickly as ‘I LIKE how _______ is working quietly’ or ‘’I like how _______ is seated quietly ready to go.’

 Congratulations to all those in Dominica providing resources for parents and teachers wishing to educate themselves on ways to improve their conflict resolution skills.

Non Violent Behaviour Management Online

Gentle Christian Mothers – Gentle Christian Mothers™ (GCM) was born out a desire to help unite mothers who believe that God has given mamas a mothering instinct and whose hearts’ desire is to nurture our children gently.

Conflict Resolution with Young Children – great classroom technique

 We have to remember to praise good behaviour – National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; Your Family Magazine

 Disciplining Techniques – Dr. Phil’s Advice

 Restorative Justice Models – Canadian Examples of Community Justice

 Conflict Resolution Education Around the World – see how it works around the world!

 Mediating a Better Solution – High School Student Peer Mediation


Brainstorm Children’s Wellness Centre; register now for Sept 2009 programmes: Brain Gym – improve memory and increase attention span; Mommy and me – interact with and stimulate your little one; Exceptional Kids – For Special Needs Children to Improve overall functioning!  We also provide consultation, resource development & staff training workshops to organizations, schools, government departments etc. covering: Understanding Behaviour; Maximizing Learning Potential; Working with Children with Exceptional (Special) Needs; Antisocial Behaviour; Special Needs curriculum development; Stress Management & Much More!

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