Cacao is an old tyme food in Dominica. But for the first time since I moved to Dominica there was not enough cacao to last the year.

I and my friends checked their secret spots – the small village stores where cacao has never run out before – to no avail.

I need cacao year round and a lot of people living in Dominica agree with me therefore even local market needs are not being met.

Check out the booklet on producing cacao below. Free publication from CTA publishing who offer lots of free booklets on agriculture online. This booklet even describes ways to recycle the waste from processing

Cocoa Production and Processing

Drinking or eating minimally processed cacao is good for the health. Check out the science based article on Cacao Super Food; Super Nutrition


beer-marinade-reduces-bbq-cancer-chemical chicken or ribs are everywhere in Dominica these days. Just follow the clouds of smoke and small gatherings by the roadside!

I see the people of this nation turning towards fast food as we move at a faster pace working longer and harder than ever before.

Please beware!

Barbequed Meats can Fill Your Body with Cancer Causing Chemicals!

This is the research I have found.

The United States Government Website National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet –

Barbequed Meats and Pancreatic Cancer

Study participants who cooked meat at high temperatures and consumed more well-done meat had about a 60 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer compared to other people.

These are tips for more healthy barbequing.

According to the University of Helsinki – For each 100 g of grilled meat, 200 g of vegetables should be grilled or eaten as salad.

The Healthiest Grill – tips to lower carcinogenic chemicals.

Beer Marinade Reduces BBQ Cancer Chemical – After grilling, pork marinated in black beer marinated held 9.74 nanograms per gram of PAHs, less than half of the content in un-marinated meat.

Marinate Meat for Healthy Grilling? – Study Shows That Store-Bought Marinades May Keep Cancer-Causing Compounds From Forming on Grilled Meats