I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” Albert Einstein.

This newsletter blog is:

Supported by DELPHIS.

Produced by RAINBOW YOGA.

Fueled by Curiosity.

Promoting Natural Living in Dominica .

In the past I produced a monthly email newsletter called Rainbow Review; promoting healthy living in Dominica. The support was tremendous and the data base just kept growing. I always wished that others could read the comments and links that people sent me in response. I also visualized having the newsletters posted permanently; in such a way that articles could be accessed easily as a resource data base.

My dream has been answered with this newsletter-blog.

I give thanks for this new opportunity to promote healthy living; with the support of long time friends and experts in the field of internet networking.

Join us in our discussions; suggest future topics; advertise your services or products; all with a goal of promoting natural living in Dominica; our own on-line eco community.

Deep down, I write this blog because………I am very, very curious.

Peace and a healthy life to all.

In gratitude……….


This newsletter-blog is being produced to satisfy curiosity not prescribe or take the place of your doctor.